Bio Town Ag Achieves Sustainability With DVO Digesters

What is an anaerobic digester? An anaerobic digester is a vessel where farm waste and other organic wastes can be converted into biogas. Biogas contains high amounts of methane released in the process which is collected from the two stages of the digester vessel and utilized for fuel. In the process, typically much more energy is produced than consumed. The methane is utilized to produce electricity, or can be stored, transported, and used much like natural gas. A byproduct from the DVO digesters is a clean, separated bio solid material that is used as a superior soil fertilizer, and/or soil compost material.

Advantages of a DVO digester include:

  • Efficient power generation
  • Consistent, high quality compost material
  • Excess heat for facilities, process or farm use
  • Odor reduction
  • Increased fertilizer value
  • Pathogen reduction
  • Weed seed reduction
  • Fly & vector control
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven technology
  • Low operation costs