Our Approach

We achieve organic material recycling through a proprietary closed-loop model, revolving around our cattle farm and an anaerobic digester.

Here food waste and other by-products combine with organics from our farm to produce a wide range of food, fiber and fuel co-products that make the aspiration of true environmental sustainability—even at the industrial level—a reality.

The fact of the matter is, natural, organic materials are literally returned back to the earth in an environmentally sound and highly practical way.

Our Story

Back2Earth is a family-owned and operated business. We provide home gardens, commercial landscapers, agriculturalists, municipalities, and institutions with organic soils, multi-purpose composts, and organics recycling services. Located in Reynolds, Indiana we serve clients across the Midwest.

As a leader in organic recycling, Back2Earth successfully diverts over ####### tons of waste each year from Midwest landfills. The end result of our recycling and composting efforts? High-quality composts, and custom blended soils which are available to the landscape industry for soil amendment purposes.

Meet the Team

Brian Furrer


Brian Furrer, President of Bio Town Ag, recognized the potential issues with the current agricultural sustainability model and knew something had to change. There are currently seven billion people in the world, and it’s projected to be nine billion by 2045 we need to find ways to improve how mankind produces food, fuel, and fiber.

Allen Furrer

Project Development Specialist

Allen Furrer has been a leader in building a strong and stable businesses through solid business practices. His dedication and commitment to quality has helped make product and services from Back 2 Earth truly exceptional.

Marty Huseman

Director of Operations

Want more info?

For more information about us, visit: Bio Town Ag.com