Back 2 Earth All-Natural Compost

Compost is used because it benefits the soil. The key benefits of compost are its ability to improve soil organic matter, reduce soil density and provide beneficial micro and macro nutrients to plants.  So, if you need to improve your soil,  use Back 2 Earth compost to amend and enhance your soils.

Back 2 Earth compost is the first environmentally sound compost made from all-natural organic byproducts. Back 2 earth compost is suitable for virtually all your gardening needs It will take your landscape and plants to the next level and will give your home a more nourished space.  

Back 2 Earth is 100% sustainable compost. It’s formulated with anaerobically digested organic fiber and food waste products. The production process, involves a closed-loop model, revolving around an anaerobic digester located on our cattle farm in Reynolds, Indiana. Back 2 Earth performs its service in partnership with Bio Town Ag—the first 100-percent sustainable livestock operation of its kind.

In the digester, organic by-product inputs combine with organics from our farm to produce methane, and electricity, making the aspiration of true environmental sustainability—a reality.

The fact of the matter is, organic materials are literally returned back to the earth in an environmentally sound and highly sustainable way. A natural byproduct of this process is Back 2 Earth Compost.

At BioTown Ag, we are a multigenerational farm with livestock including cattle and swine. We have continued to make sustainability obtainable by using technology to convert waste and other byproducts into energy and useful products.

As the largest producer of electricity from waste in the world, our real strength lies in the commitment of our team that runs the farm and continually lowering our
footprint so that we can become the best stewards of our land and water.

Back 2 Earth is a proud member of USCC

We are proud members of the United States Composting Council and we adhere to all testing requirements to maintain the designation of STA Certified Compost.